What are the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

The primary difference between digital marketing and traditional advertising is that many digital marketers look to provide value to their audience by using content marketing and other solutions. Traditional advertisers are typically just looking to increase sales with their ad spots, not to provide value.

So, what does providing value look like? One-third of the world uses social media regularly, for example, making it an excellent channel to connect with a target audience. A social media marketer is able to research what their audience is interested in and cares about using page analytics, molding their brand and messaging to actually offer solutions, information or even entertainment to their audience; this provides value to the audience, building trust and ultimately turning them into repeat customers. Building a real, valuable business-to-consumer relationship is something a print or radio ad simply cannot do.

Differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

From few Days many people have asked me what is digital marketing, what is traditional marketing ?

What exactly you do..

How does it differ from other marketing channels.

So I am trying to give answer.

To begin with, what is marketing?

In simple languages “Action you take to make your product and services popular and Sell it out”

How it is done?

There are some medium we can leverage for marketing.

That can be divide in two types

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Digital marketing
Digital Marketing

Lets see it in details.

  1. Traditional Marketing

We’re all familiar with traditional marketing methods. They’re easy to understand and we’ve used them for decades. Like TV ads, Banner, Billboards, Radio.

Traditional Marketing

A single ad can reach millions of people in a short period of time. This will definitely work if you have broad audience. For example big companies like coca cola, Pepsico, Dove, vodafone etc.

But you need a big budgets for the same. Small companies are not able to afford such big budgets solely for marketing.

Like your startup or small business. It is not possible for you to run a tv ad which cost around 4-6 lakhs/10 Sec slot. This rate will change according to TRP and other factors.

Same with the radio ads. Average it will cost around 700 rs/ slot. Which can cost around 10k per day if you want to reach good number of audience.

I can go on with this. But the point is startups small businesses are not able to afford this.

2) Digital Marketing

We are living in a digital world where everything is in just one click away. In the age of digitization, digital marketing has significantly altered the way of marketing.

India has become second largest online market in the world.

(Thanks to Unlimited Cellular Data providers…)

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But still many more than 30-40% people in India do not have accesses to internet. They will get that in near future.

The methods that are being used in digital marketing are like social media, SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing etc.

Digital Marketing

So every person that uses the internet is reachable for your marketing and we see that internet is very commonly used by most of the peoples these days. And these people are focused advertising by digital marketing.

Here are some advantages of the Digital Marketing


As mentioned in the beginning of the article, cost involved with traditional marketing is very high, on the other hand digital marketing has with low cost if we use it wisely.

The point to remember is social media is free of cost. We don’t need to pay anything to create any account on social media.

The cost needed is creativity, posting time. I can give many example where people have grown their business using organic post without spending any money on paid ads.

For paid ads average cost per click can be between 20 to 30 rupees for Facebook and adwords. All the platforms have bidding process. So cost may vary. Still it’s very reasonable compared to traditional marketing.

If you are good at maths you can see the reach we can get with 5-6 lakhs budgets.

Every company wants that marketing cost to be optimized as much as possible. This can be done using digital marketing.

2. Target the right audience

Target audience

“If you are targeting everyone you are targeting no one”

This is the golden rule in marketing. That’s why choosing and targeting the right audience is very critical.

See the big brand around you. They all target specific people for branding and positioning.

For example Coca cola and thumbs up both are the brand of coke company. But thumps ups tells about the adventure. It revolves around youth. With tagline taste the thunder

Coca cola is positioned as the family drink. With taglines as open happiness spread the happiness etc

The point you have to choose right audience and target them.

Targeting on digital marketing is very simple and can be laser pointed if you know the right tactics.

With this broad targeting we can reach the right people within seconds. So this is very useful for your marketing efforts.

3. Possibility of Tracking

If you can track the every penny you put in the marketing effort,

Isn’t that great??

You can do it in digital marketing. Facebook Google any other platform will give you the data where you can check how much need you get from each campaign, how much audience has seen your ads and how much are being converted as your customer, also you can analyse in depth for each campaign like which city, age, gender is buying from you

The possibilities are endless it can be how deep you want to go. based on these report you can correct your strategy or state the budget according to conversions, cost and many other factors

4. Flexible

If you want to edit stop start increase decrease the campaign you are doing this all can be done with just one click

you can add more money, you can stop the campaign for sometime, change your creatives with just one click within one second.

Trust me,

This is very helpful when running campaigns. We need to change the strategy, audience, creatives as fast as possible. We can do it on any digital platform available.

If we observe any channel is giving good results, then we can go on that platforms and increase the conversions.this cannot be done in traditional marketing.

5. Retargeting/Remarketing

What is retargeting/remarketing?

Suppose you are seeing any watch on Amazon but you didn’t buy it, then you are browsing some other social media then the same watch advertisement will follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, any other website you are browsing. This is remarketing.

Re Marketing

Most of the time people will not buy at first time. Research have shown that people tend to convert as consumer more if they have interacted any brand minimum 7 times.

It is called as rule of seven (You can google it if want to know more)

So remarketing is very useful to find more touchpoint for customer. it is the best tool provided by the platform in digital marketing.

Suppose you have a shop and have a daily 100 visitors visiting it.

What method you have to project your ads to those people who have already visited your shop?

This is possible in digital marketing you can target the audience which visited your site show them relevant ads with some discount you can persuade them. Chances are more that they are likely buy it from you. This is very useful for your marketing efforts


With all the advantage of Digital marketing no doubt it will increase rapidly. But at the same we can still leverage some of the method in traditional marketing. Better integrate your marketing efforts will increase your revenue rapidly.

If you are not start using digital media now you will definitely going to regret it in near future.

Write your thought & experience about digital marketing in comment below.


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