How to Sell Domain Name for Best Price (3 Best Marketplace)

Domain names are the key or primary criteria to have an online website but this guide is to explain how to sell domain name for the best price.

Domain name is like the identity of any website and people are struggling to get the right domain name.

For over 20 years now, domain names have been fetching some impressive prices whenever the right buyer comes along. In fact, GoDaddy reports that the website name: is the most expensive domain in history – selling for an astounding $49.7 million in 2012. 

If you have already purchased or parked that most demanded domain somewhere earlier then in this guide I will tell you how to sell domain name for the best price.

It will surprise you that a domain purchased for few bucks like 4-5$ can make around millions of dollar while selling to the right person.

It is the best things to buy and sell for profit overnight.

Here we will discuss how to sell domain in GoDaddy Auction, Sedo and Flippa platform

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to sell domain names to willing buyers, as well as three of the very best platforms to leverage doing so:

Reason to Sell Domain Name?

This time domain name is like online property, which you reserve for the right time to sell, the same as you do with the physical properties which you purchase and reserve for future price growth.

If you are holding top-level domain like .com and .net but most preferable is .com then you can have chances to become the millionaire overnight, but how?

It is possible through an online business call to sell domain name online, find below are few high values sold domain name listed in Wikipedia.

Most expensive domain names
Most expensive domain names

Perhaps you bought a domain name many years ago with the intention of creating your very own functioning website, only for other commitments to get in the way, leaving your URL sitting dormant. Or maybe your existing domain name isn’t relevant anymore and you’re looking to transfer to a fresher one. Either way, there’s plenty of options out there if you’re interested in cashing in on a purchased domain name

If you will find the above list, then you will surprise how one-word keyword domain got sold for millions of dollar.

If you can book few like above then overnight you can be the millionaire and that is what I will explain in this guide.

The domain marketplace

The marketplace for domain names has expanded widely in recent years with the arrival of new domain extensions like .io, .info, .store and the like. This has opened the door to companies gaining appealingly short names for their websites without paying more for the much-sought-after .com top-level domain (TLD) extension

However, according to, there’s no shortage of TLDs for users to tap into, which has made certain addresses relatively cheap for buyers. Interestingly, TLDs like ‘.protection’ and ‘.security’ are selling for thousands of dollars, but the cheaper end of the spectrum is populated by more general and nonsensical names like ‘.xyz’, ‘.info’ and ‘.world’ – all selling for $2.99 each. 

When it comes to selling on names, the originals non-country-specific TLDs of .com and .net are particularly popular, due to their widespread accessibility and familiarity with users online. Here’s a deeper look at determining the value of any domain names you may be in possession of:

Determining value

Of course, in order to sell your domain, you’ll first need to gain an understanding of its value. The domain name marketplace is littered with overpriced TLDs by owners with little understanding of how their name should be priced up. Being in possession of a TLD for a long time can mean that it will sell for a healthy price when it eventually arrives on the marketplace, but there’s no guarantee that its price will appreciate over time. Domain Value Domain Value

There are, however, some good indicators as to how much value your domain could hold:

  • Firstly, is your domain a .com, or does it have a less commonplace suffix? A .com domain will often carry a higher price.
  • Secondly, is your domain name short? Or does it contain a lot of words? Shorter domains tend to sell for a lot more.
  • Thirdly, is your domain easy to spell? Or does it have a common abbreviation? Domain names that include commonplace words or regular abbreviations will fetch a higher price.
  • Finally, do you have hyphens or other elements in your domain? Domains that contain fewer words (preferably even one), and don’t include hyphens will sell for much more.

There are plenty of tools to help you determine the value of your website, GoDaddy runs a free Domain Value and Appraisal Tool that automatically assesses yours or anyone else’s domain and returns an approximate quote.

How to Find Million Dollar Domain Idea

This time we are purchasing the domain with an intention to sell this later or right now. To do so make sure to have below points into consideration.

  • Purchase .com domain which sells faster than country or region-specific domain.
  • Make sure to have a domain name easy to remember and max 10-15 character.
  • Chose a domain name which is based on keyword.
  • Find out domain name which is easy to brandable.
  • Try to grab 3 letter domain name, which is shortening any big brand name.
  • If possible grab any celebrity name or upcoming possible future celebrity name.

Above are my suggestions to care while selecting a domain name from below listed process.

Now let say you want to purchase a domain name related to the keyword “buy” which is a high-value demanded keyword.

Go to a website called LeanDominSearch. Domain Search Domain Search

Search for your seed keyword like “Buy” and hit enter, it will list all the possible combination of available .com domain name and you will come out with new ideas.

If you click to any of the listed domain it will give you an idea of whether domain is available or not.

This is how I search for the right available domain idea, you can place a filter for a way you are expecting.

Now, this time is to buy Domain Name.

How to Buy Domain Name ?

I can assume that you are well aware of how to buy a domain name, but let me brief a few things before you chose any registrar to reserve your domain.

Every Domain registrar has a different fee structure and below suggested are top listed domain registrar.

Make sure to join that registrar which is open to connect with any domain selling platform and support their premium promotion programs.

Below are my highlights for a domain purchased from the different registrar.

GoDaddy – Most famous and trusted platform and having GoDaddy Auction platform to buy sell domains but does not support SedoMLS premium domain sell the program.

Sedo is among the popular choice to sell the domain name hence more buyers.

GoDaddy charges a lot for a new purchase or renewal of existing domain names.

NameCheap – Best and among the trusted domain registrar which offers a domain for around 5-6$ and renewal fee is even very less.

Dynadot – It is among the popular Domain registrar which is a registered partner of Sedo MLS premium program.

Hostinger– This domain registrar which is well known for web hosting but offer free domain name with each hosting you purchase. – Get your free Domain Now

Bluehost – This is another popular domain registrar which offer domain names to purchase but Bluehost is well known for Web hosting.

HostGator – Another popular domain registrar which is well known for web hosting but offer free domain name with each hosting you purchase.

In Summary, there is the number of domain registrar but my suggestions are to chose from GoDaddy which has all for your quick sell to the domain.

Now I can assume that you have purchased one .com domain. This time is to sell that domain on the right platform.

How to Sell Domain Name?

Once you’ve attained a strong idea of your domain’s market value, it’s time to begin the search for a willing buyer. 

To sell a domain name, you need a platform where people with the common interest come and search for your domain name.

If they are planning to start a company or looking for a specific brand name than they come to these registrars and search for the same domain.

If that searched domain is with you then they place an offer for you to sell the domain.

Here the prime thing is to search platform and place the appropriate selling cost of your domain.

Placing a relevant amount of bid will increase chances to sell a domain very fast.

To know the best price of your reserver domain goes to the “Domain Appraisal” platform of GoDaddy.

Based on keyword, past sells, demands, and current trading history it will suggest you an estimated price.

Check to this link on Domain Appraisal. Now enter your domain name, in our case, I entered “”.

Domain Value

It says that you can sell an average price of 1300$ for this domain and will show you the past sold domain price with the same keyword.

But here Domain name is your property and it will be your decision for how much price you want to sell it.

Great, Now before to sell domain name we have an estimated price ready.

Best Marketplace for Sell Domain Name

  1. GoDaddy Auction
  2. Sedo
  3. Flippa

How to Sell Domain name on GoDaddy Auction?

GoDaddy Auction is the place where you can list your domain for sale in two ways.

  1. Premium listing
  2. Godaddy Auction.

Let say you do not want to participate in Auction and just want to list your domain for sale so you can set a specific price for the domain.

That price will display if any person explicitly searches for your domain in GoDaddy Search list. Premium Domain Premium Domain

Here I have listed one domain call “” as a premium listing.

If anyone searches for that domain, it will show that domain is taken but ready to sell for the specified price.

You can click to buy now and complete your process of buying this domain and all transfer with payment and domain names will be handled by GoDaddy.

Easy simple, clear and transparent.

To premium list, your domain follows the process.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Account.
  • Go to Domain Management section.
  • Chose “Premium Listing” under Buy & Sell.
  • Set define price for your domain name.

You are done, your domain with “Buy now” price is set to sell as premium listing and will be displayed as above.

But to list domain, your domain name must be registered with GoDaddy.But for every successful trade will cost a few commission which GoDaddy charge you after the sell.

After successful registration, the domain will be active in the next 2-3 business days but ideally, in just 5-10 minute it will be active.

Now coming to the next point what if you want to push your domain for Auction.

The premium listing will display an offer for the fixed price, if the user interested he will click to buy now and done with the purchase order.

But what if you want to participate in an auction which gives freedom and wide exposure to list domain in front of the potential buyer.

To take participate in GoDaddy auction, you have to take 1-year membership for GoDaddy Auction. Which cost around 4.99$/Yr and allow you below things.

  • Accept an offer from the potential buyer and give a counter offer to them
  • You can set a buy now price and finish domain sell instantly.
  • Any moment you can start 7-day auction for free.

GoDaddy charge fee for every successful sell in Auction, but it won’t charge any extra fee if you buy the domain from Auction.


To list a domain for sale follows the below steps.

  • Log in to GoDaddy auction and select “List a domain” under “selling list” Option.
  • The new window will open will ask you to enter a domain name and chose type of listing you want to do. Enter Domain Name as “” select type of domain extension let say .com, enter the same domain in next field and chose one of the listed options.

Offer/Counter Offer – Buyer can place the bid for a listed domain and you can respond with the counter offer and once you agree can sell that domain.

Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now – This has freedom if the buyer is ready can buy directly else you can have an offer – counter offer till you both agree on the final price.

Buy Now Only – Ready to sell fix price no bargaining.

7-Day Auction Listing – You domain will be listed for 7 days in the auction, where interested people will place bid and auction last for 7 days.

While selecting the Listing type, will advise you to chose Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now where your domain will be listed for 90 Days.

This is a simple and easy process to sell domain through GoDaddy.

GoDaddy support only .com domain, so what if you have .in,,.us, then the best option is Sedo.

How to sell Domain Name on Sedo?

Yes Sedo is among the popular choice of domain buyer and seller it is a platform for Domain parking, domain buys and domain sells.

How to sell Domain Name on Sedo?
Sedo Home Page

Sedo is one of the world’s favourite domain marketplaces. So much so that it has as much of a presence in Cologne of west Germany as it does in Boston of the United States. 

My experience with Sedo is far better than GoDaddy and Sedo is the most trusted platform.

Sedo won’t charge you single amount to park or sell your domain.

The website claims that every-other domain transaction that takes place online is leveraged by Sedo – which firmly places it as one of the most popular choices for both buyers and sellers. In fact, Sedo has listed 19 million domains for sale and made 700,000 sales to a customer base of two million buyers worldwide since its founding all the way back in 1999. 

There are plenty of reasons for Sedo’s success in the world of domain buying and selling over the past 20 years. The website’s offer of free registration, free transfers and free domain parking is certainly a perk that makes sellers’ lives easier. 

The commission rate for the sale of parked domains is limited to a respectable 10% while a 3% handling fee for all sales also needs to be observed. By putting your website up for a marketplace auction, you’ll incur no fee with Sedo, however, if you choose to set up a direct auction a fee of €59 would be payable. 

Overall, Sedo looks like a marvellous marketplace that’s optimised to aid sellers of websites that command lower values as well as higher ones. If you’ve recently discovered a parked domain that you’ve been sat on for the last ten years and you’re not sure whether it’ll bring you much in terms of fortunes, it feels like Sedo is the place to go. 

Likewise, the website’s built-in features that focus on market trends and soon-to-be-closing auctions means that the marketplace is a hotbed for buyers and domain name flippers alike. Sedo certainly caters to everyone with their wealth of varied features and services. 

Do you know domain parking with Sedo is Free and in return Sedo will make money for your parked domain how? Check this

To sell your domain on Sedo. First, sign up with Sedo.

Once you login, then the first job you have to do is to register your domain with Sedo, that means Sedo will park your domain.

Now, three steps process will start.

  • First, enter your domain name which you want to sell, as seen above.
  • Enter your price for which you are agreeing to sell your domain. Set price for which you want to sell let say 5000$ then in price option chose Buy Now or Make Offer, if you chose to “Make offer” than in  Min Offer you can set min price else chose to “Buy Now” and Min offer will be grayed out than at last chose domain.
  • The third step will be to chose your domain registrar with which this domain is registered.
  • Finish the adding of Domain and now update the name server of Sedo with your domain registrar and you are done with adding or listing for sale.

Now it will take around max 24 hours to apply changes but ideally, it happens in max 10-15 minute.

Your domain is now parked with Sedo, where Sedo will advertise add on your live domain and you will make ad revenue until you won’t get any right seller.

To register your domain with Sedo Sell, click to  “Domain management” your domain will be listed there in the active market.

There is an option called “Activate SedoMLS Premium”, where Sedo will promote your Domain to 600+ partner registrar for sale.

Now click to your domain and hit “Activate SedoMLS Premium” option and your domain is live to sell buy it will be in buy now option as explained earlier.

Direct Auction – Here you would have to pay 59 USD to list domain and start auction any time you want, you can set your own price and Sedo will feature your domain on the home page.

Marketplace Auction – This is the normal auction where you can register your domain for make offer then whenever you will get first bid your domain will push into actual auction by setting min price as the first bid, so this is guaranteed sale auction.

GreatDomain/Themed Auction –  Sedo team will select out of applied domain for GreatDomain auction or themed auction, and those domains will be free featured by Sedo on bi-monthly auctions.

To get your reserve space on Sedo home page you can go for additional feature listing which cost you few bucks can check from here.


This above promotional offers will increase your chances to sell domain fast.

This is all about, how you can sell your domain on two best platforms and you can make a lot of money by selling a domain.

How to sell Domain Name on Flippa?

#1 platform to buy and sell online businesses,
Flippa Home Page

Flippa bill themselves as the “#1 platform to buy and sell online businesses,” and given the sheer volume of users they cater too and tools available on site, it’s hard to think of many other platforms capable of making a similarly bold claim. 

So, let’s take a look at the cold stats to kick things off. There are 1.5 million on Flippa – over 200,000 of which are classified as ‘active buyers’ – that’s a pretty seismic pool of people to advertise your domain name to. 

In the last week alone, nearly 15,000 bids were made on various Flippa auctions, and over $375 million worth of sales have already taken place on sight. 

Flippa claims to be the oldest domain name marketplace online, and in a field where it pays to place your digital property under the noses of the widest range of prospective buyers – such statements mean a lot. 

There’s more than meets the eye with Flippa, too. The platform’s built-in domain valuation tool takes all of five minutes to use and will return an approximate quote regarding the value of your website. 

Flippa is also dedicated to allowing sellers to share a great wealth of information pertaining to the websites they list – including accurate categorisation, hosting platform, site age and net profit per month. Sellers can also add richly detailed information about the wider financial aspects of their domain, its current traffic rates and other helpful notes to interested buyers. 

Flippa comes with a helpful, fixed price feature that tells sellers exactly how much they’ll be paying to showcase their domain online. While starter websites can be listed for a meagre cost of $15, established websites that are generating revenue require a payment of $49. Undeveloped domain names can be listed on Flippa for just $10. 

If your website sells, then there’s also the matter of a ‘success fee’ to overcome. Domain names selling for between $1 and $499,000 will require a 10% fee once a sale has been made. Larger sales command lower fees. 

Flippa also comes with the option for users to promote their listed domain names for an additional fee – costing between $65 and $950 depending on the level of exposure that you’re interested in. 

All in all, Flippa is an extremely popular and well-established marketplace that’s geared towards the buying and selling of domains of all sizes. If you’re willing to pay to put your domain name under the noses of an array of prospective buyers – Flippa could be the place to go.


Buying and selling domains can be extremely profitable, with a single domain earning you thousands of dollars. This business is among the popular choice of large investors where you have to identify the right domain and the right person to sell.

This is the end of the ultimate guide on how to sell the domain name, let me share your reading experience in the comments section below 🙂

Selling Domain Names FAQ

Where to sell a domain name?

There’re a lot of platforms you can use to sell a domain name, including Godaddy Flippa, Sedo and Afternic.

What determines the value of a domain name?

Factors like website traffic, keyphrase popularity, brandability, spelling and length play a vital role in valuing a domain name.

What is the most expensive domain name ever sold?

According to GoDaddy, the most expensive domain ever sold is, which was sold for a whooping $49.7 million.

How much do you sell a domain name for?

Realistically a domain name can be worth any amount but most domain names sell for around $5,000 to $20,000 – premium domains, category killers and short domains however can easily command $100,000 or millions depending on a wide number of reasons

How can I make money from my domain name?

One way to create value in a domain name is by adding useful content to the site to attract traffic. Many domain investors own hundreds and even thousands of domain names. They keep these domains and monetize them by placing PPC ads (ie Google AdSense) on them and collecting the profits.

How to make money selling domain names?

You Can Make Money Out Of Buying & Selling Domain Names Part-Time. Yes, domain flipping may require a great deal of practice and expertise but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to make quite a decent amount of money by flipping domains on a regular basis

How do I permanently buy a domain name?

You are considered as a user of the domain, not the licensee. So, this is what we have got to say if you want to buy a domain name forever: Switch to Autorenewal: Register your domain names using established domain name registrars like GoDaddy or Namecheap and keeping them on autorenewal.

How can I get a free domain?

Hostinger is the best way to get a free domain. In addition to a domain name, you’ll also need to host your website online. Hostinger ranks first on our list of the best web hosting providers. When you sign up for hosting with Hostinger, you’ll get a free domain.

What is a domain auction?

Domain auction space serves as a “marketplace” for buyers and sellers to get together and make deals. When a domain expires, it typically goes right back to the registry. If it’s a valuable domain name, however, registrars will try to sell it through auction, and buyers are always eager to capitalize on potential deals. Participating in a domain auction can be a nuanced business.

Why should I use GoDaddy to buy and sell my domains?

GoDaddy offers a variety of benefits when you choose to buy or sell your domain with us. We have a unique Auction bidder verification process that protects both buyers and sellers from any kind of fraudulent activity. We also offer a handy Investor mobile app iOS or Android that allows you to watch auctions in real time and view their history (including number of bidders and how much they bid), all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

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